Production Technology Department | オリザ油化株式会社

Production Technology Department


Centering around physiological active substances in nature. 
We design our production flow from a wide range of viewpoints.
This process is our know-how.


With the understanding of what functions and marketability that the naturally existing physiological active substances have, we have developed our production technology and systems from a wide range of viewpoints such as quality, delivery time, and cost. By functionally combining all our resources including research & development, results production technology and facilities & equipment, we cater for all types of processing and production such as consignment processing as well as manufacturing our own range of products. We structure our production line with optimized facilities and equipment by gathering a broad knowledge and know-how not only from fields such as general food and functional food, but also from cosmetics, medical goods, fertilizers, animal feed etc., and designing product form, marketing etc. Our production technology constanthy meets the end users’ demand.



Functionality, Form, Production Quantity & Cost.
All factors are comprehensively considered in the design of best production systems.


From mass production to small lot production or even minute quantities for experiment samples, we cater for a variety of needs to suit the functions of the product, distribution, sales strategies using the best facilities & equipment and production system. In our OEM production, from extraction_and evaluation of functional components through to production control and product development, we aim for technological development and proposal oriented consignment processing to satisfy our customer in every way including quality, delivery and cost performance.